When a couple of panels just won’t do, this is where ideology, philosophy, and obscenity come together to amuse, to entertain, and to give me a break from drawing.  In 500 words or less…


See candid pics of Marvin and friends outside of the comics.  You might be surprised to see where The Missing Digit has been, where it ends up, or that you’ve been photobombed.  Tweet @TheMissedDigit or email Alan@TheMissingDigit.com your suggestions and ideas on where you’d like to see us next.


Credit and discredit where due.  Read brutally honest reviews about TV, Movies, Food, and anything else I will shamelessly write about in hopes of getting free stuff.


Have a look into the sketchbook of the ridiculous mind that makes “The Missing Digit.”  Irreverence and inappropriateness have found a  home in this twisted stream of consciousness that you do not want to go down without a paddle or maybe a stiff drink in hand.